💰Sell NFTs

In case there is no available pool to which your NFTs can be sold, you can become a liquidity provider, and Create a Swap Pool.

How to sell NFTs?

  1. Explore Available Pools.

  1. Enter the "Sell" tab and select NFTs to sell.

As you open the "Sell" tab within any NFT collection of your choice, you will be able to see all of the NFTs that you own of that collection.

Select the NFTs that you would like to sell to the pool.

The "Highest Price" shows the selling price for one NFT.

  1. Review your Sell transaction.

Once you finalised your selection, review your transaction on the right. Make sure you selected the correct NFTs, and pay attention to the total amount of ERC20 tokens that you will receive indicated by "You receive".

As the selling price decreases for every NFT that you intend to sell, the average price decreases the more NFTs you select.

  1. Approve the Collection.

If you haven't previously approved the collection, you will have to "Approve Collection".

  1. Sell Now.

Finalise the transaction by pressing "Sell Now". The total ERC20 amount will be sent directly to your wallet.

  1. Great Success!

Your NFTs should now have been sold to the pool. Evidently, your wallet balance should have increased by the total sell amount and the Sell transaction should be recorded in the transaction history below.

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