Why provide Liquidity?

The guide to earn as an LP.

Become a Liquidity Provider (LP)

Once you deposit any kind of assets into any pool, you become a Liquidity Provider. That means you are qualified to earn:

  1. Swap Fee: Whenever anyone makes a transaction with a pool you deposited any assets into you earn a percentage of the swap fee.

  2. LP Tokens: As an LP you earn LP tokens ($SEA) per transaction.

Note: The $SEA token has not launched yet.

How does it work?

Through SeaCows you are able to let a smart contract automatically handle all trades for all your assets, while you earn the rewards. You create the pool, and deposit all your assets. Other can buy and sell from it based on your conditions.

It provides effective, low-cost trading and control for liquidity providers over their assets.

How SeaCows maximises rewards

SeaCows maximised rewards via our shared liquidity model. This implies that aside from yourself other liquidity providers are incentivised to add their own liquidity into the same pool.

Thus, we simultaneously maximise the rewards, and concentrate the liquidity.

Each liquidity provider earns pool rewards based on the amount of liquidity they contribute to the pool. This creates a more robust market for NFTs with reduced price slippage and instant liquidity which attracts more buyers.

Diversify your portfolio (Coming Soon)

To allow you to diversify your portfolio and increase your earning potential SeaCows supports the ERC1155 as well as the ERC721 token standard. Allowing the trade and exchange of a wider variety of NFTs, enables many different kind of liquidity providers to deposit their assets.

Even more so, SeaCows allows for the use of not only ETH, but also other ERC20 tokens as the ERC20 pair. This feature allows for an even greater flexibility and more earning potential, as traders are not limited to using only ETH.

Getting Started

To start earning you will simply need to create a pool and deposit your assets. Our platform is community-driven, and equally intended for traders as well as liquidity providers. Follow the next step!

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