⬆️Deposit Liqudity

How to deposit Liquidity?

  1. Enter the "Deposit" tab & select a pool.

As you open the "Deposit" tab within any NFT collection of your choice, you will be able to see all available pools of that collection to deposit your assets in.

You should pay attention to the existing liquidity as well as the set swap fee of the pools because both have an impact on the amount of transactions with the pool and therefore your earnings.

  1. Select the NFTs to deposit.

You can now specify the specific NFTs that you intend to deposit into the pool. As you select them, they will pop-up on the right for you to review.

Additionally, you can see the amount of ERC20 tokens that you also need to deposit into the pool. Currently, we only allow ETH & WETH to be deposited.

Keep in mind that all NFTs in the pool will be priced exactly the same. Consider this before depositing high-rarity NFT items into the pool.

  1. Deposit Now

Once you finalised your selection, click "Deposit Now" to initiate a transaction that will deposit your specified NFTs and the required amount of ERC20 tokens into the pool.

If you have not previously approved the NFT collection, you will have to approve it before depositing.

  1. Great Success!

Your NFTs should now have been added to the pool. Evidently, the total amount of NFTs and ERC20 in the "Available Pools" indication should have increased by the amount you deposited.

You can now start earning!

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