Withdraw Liquidity

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How to withdraw Liquidity?
  1. 1.
    Enter the "Withdraw" tab & select an LP position.
As you open the "Withdraw" tab within any NFT collection of your choice, you will be able to see all of your LP Positions that you own for that collection.
A Liquidity Provider Position represents your ownership of the assets that you deposited into a pool.
Whenever you deposit liquidity, the LP is automatically generated. They can be traded, and only the owner of the position is able to withdraw the assets associated to the LP position.
LP Position Selection
  1. 2.
    Choose your withdraw percentage.
You can now determine exactly how much liquidity you would like to withdraw. You do that by setting a withdraw percentage.
If your LP position represents the liquidity of 2 NFTs and 2 ETH, setting a withdraw percentage of would lead to withdrawing approx. 1 NFT and 1 ETH.
Withdraw Percentage
  1. 3.
    Preview your withdraw amount.
On Step 2 we will simply provide you with a preview of the potential withdraw amount as it depends on price slippage, changes in the pool assets and other factors.
Toggling between "Min" and "Max" does not impact the transaction.
In a few edge cases, you might be asked to deposit additional tokens to withdraw your desired amount of NFTs. This happens whenever the value that your LP position represents is lower than the withdrawal amount.
Withdraw Preview
  1. 4.
    Specify the NFTs you would like to withdraw.
During the last you will have to select the NFTs you would like to withdraw. The amount of NFTs selected will have to be at least equal to the amount that you own as certified by your LP position as indicated on the screen.
NFTs are withdrawn one by one based on your selection. Therefore, be advised to select the NFTs that you really want to withdraw first and select the NFTs with a lower priority last.
Select NFTs to withdraw
  1. 5.
    Withdraw Now
Once you finalised your selection, click "Withdraw Now" to initiate a transaction that will withdraw your specified NFTs and the indicated amount of ERC20 tokens from the pool.
Withdraw Transaction
  1. 6.
    Great Success!
Your NFTs should now have been withdrawn from the pool. Evidently, the total amount of NFTs and ERC20 in the "Your Positions" indication should have decreased by the amount you withdrew. The withdraw transaction should also be viewable in the transaction history at the bottom of the page.
Successful Withdrawal